Looking to spice up your yard?--We still have a great selection of  Deciduous and Evergreen Trees & Shrubs as well as Ornamental Grasses and Perennials to choose from. Eastside Gardens Inc. also features an impressive selection of progressive, cutting edge gardening supplies including but limited to, organic fertilizers, natural insect controls, lawn care products, bulk decorative bark mulch, soil conditioning compost, and all the helpful tools you need to get the job done right.

Eastside Gardens Garden & Landscape Products

1. Know your average Day and Night temperatures for Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter.
2. Place your Raised Garden Bed where it gets all day sun and some protection from harsh winds from the North and West.
3. Unless you have a heated green house our Warm Crop growing season is about 90-120days . We have about 90 days of Spring Cool Season Crop growing time from March to June. Then another 90 days from mid August to late November thru early December. Harvest Guard / Frost Cloth will help to protect your garden from damaging frost in the early spring and late fall.
4. Do Not Over Water!! and Do Not Under Water!! Yes! Veggies like water, but too much water will create unwanted fungal issues. If you do not water enough you may have issues with stunting and bitter flavor and/or poor quality . A Happy Plant is a Healthy Plant!
5. Fertilizing is very important, we recommend: Down to Earth brand Bio-Live and Mycostem. Following package directions for application.

If you have the time stop by and take a look at our selection of seasonally appropriate vegetable starts and seeds. If you don't have time give us a call and any Eastside Gardens Team member can tell you what we have available.

Do you want to have fresh garden vegetables, but don't think you have the space? Container gardening is simple and fun. Place your container garden in full sun and water everyday. Wondering how to get started? Come in and we can help you pick out vegetables that will work for you. At Eastside Gardens we always have a selection of season appropriate vegetable seeds and starts. Don't have time to do-it-yourself or just want something ready-made? The knowledgeable staff at Eastside Gardens can create a custom container garden for you.

Are you tired of digging and pulling rocks? Are you fed up with spending your hard earned cash on expensive soil amendments and still not getting the results you want from your vegetable garden?  Raised garden beds are an easy solution.
Some important things to know when making your raised garden bed:
• #1 Always use untreated lumber, you don't want the chemicals leeching into your soil.
• #2 Make sure that you put your raised garden in a full sun location.
• #3 Make sure that your raised garden bed is at least 12" tall, allowing room for root vegetables like Carrots.
• #4 Using screws instead of nails, makes it easy to take your bed apart and move it if need be.
Raised garden beds can be whatever Length, Width or Shape you want, this makes it possible for you to put a raised garden bed where ever you have the space.

At Eastside Gardens we have a beautiful Premium Certified Organic Garden/Planting Mix All you have to do is Build your Bed, fill it with our Premium Planting mix, and you are ready to plant.

 Raised Garden bed instructions:  ( makes 1 --- 8'x 4' bed that is 12" deep)
• 20 - 2" screws
• 6 - untreated pieces of wood that are 6x2x8
• 1 - roll of Dewitt weed barrier 6yr-10yr
• 20 - finishing nails
• 1.5 yards - Premium Certified Organic Garden/Planting mix.
• 1 - Package 5'x25' of Harvest Guard Frost Cloth**

Cut 2 of your 6 pieces of wood in half, use your 4-8' long pieces as the sides and your 4- 4' long pieces as the ends. Using 2 screws per corner screw the pieces together. stack one set on top of the other, and using the other 4 screws secure the two sets together. Place the raised garden bed frame where you want it. Roll your weed barrier out, secure it to all four sides of your raised garden bed using 3 nails on each side and 2 on each end. Fill your Raised Garden Bed with our Certified Organic Garden Soil, add some Down to Earth brand Bio-Live and Mycostem for an extra boost, plant your seeds and/or your veggie starts and watch your garden grow.

For excellent insulation, water retention, weed control and eye popping aesthetics try our bulk mulches.
• Medium Fir ($30.00/yard)- A classic bark mulch with a bright red/orange color
• Beauty Bark/Color Rich Fir ($39.00/yard) -Same as the medium fir but color enhances for a near black appearance.
• Hemlock ($39.00/yard.)- The optimum choice when a premium bark product is needed. Hemlock features a rich red color and is favored for its sliver resistant properties.
Central Oregon lacks in the rich soil required for growing great trees and plants, whether you are filling in a low area, building landscape berms, topping off that new raised garden bed or just improving your soil for optimum growth our bulk soils will get you going.
• Certified Organic Garden Soil ( $69.00/yard )– This soil is specially mixed for Eastside Gardens, containing forest hummus, chicken manure, pumice and more. Comparable to many bagged potting soils this medium is guaranteed to grow amazing plants! Just come by and check out our raised garden bed filled with this soil and see what your garden is capable of.
• Fill Dirt( $22.00/yard.)** This product is not recommended for edibles.– This product is made from composted yard debris. This is a great medium for top dressing and re-seeding a lawn, building berms and mixed 50/50 with our Organic Garden soil makes a great medium for Flower Gardens.

You can either have us load up your open bed truck or trailer with our front end loader or take advantage of our great delivery rates** to get the job done quickly.
** Only one kind of bulk product can be delivered in one truck, unless you want the product mixed.  A full delivery fee will be charged for each additional trip needed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. please call our nursery with any other questions.

**See service tab for delivery/labor rates.

At Eastside gardens we proudly stock Gardener and Bloom and Down to Earth OMRI certified bagged soils and amendments that allow your individual planting needs to be satisfied.
• Harvest supreme
• Farmyard Blend 
• Premium Chicken Fertilizer .
• Steer Manure
• Small and Medium fir bark
• Hemlock bark
• Acid Planting Mix
• Blue Ribbon Premium Potting Soil
• Soil conditioning Compost. 
• Down to Earth Potting Soil
• Earth Worm Castings
• Coconut Coir Fiber
• Eden Valley Potting soil
• Eden Valley Garden soil

call for current pricing

One of the most trying issues in gardening in Central Oregon is native soil quality. In most places around Bend the soil is nothing but sand and or clay. Such soil types are lacking in nutrient values and need a bit of a boost. We recommend Gardner & Bloom  Soil Conditioning Compost (SCC) for all-purpose planting and garden soil amendment.  SCC adds valuable nutrients to the soil, improves soil drainage and aeration, increases soil moisture retention, and promotes healthy root growth.  It is a natural, organic, formula containing forest humus, chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano, gypsum; kelp meal, oyster shell lime(Ph adjuster), and mycorrhizae to promote root growth.  SCC can be used 100% without burning, or can be mixed with native soil.

Ornamental Deciduous Trees:
• Maple
• Oak
• Ash
• Willow
• Aspen
• Birch
• Crabapple
• Ornamental plum
• Wide selection of flowering trees such as; Crabapple, Flowering Plum and Pear, Chokecherry and of course a large variety of fruit trees!

Ornamental Evergreen Trees
• Pine
• Norway Spruce
• Blue Spruce
• Atlas Cedar
• Fir
• Juniper

 Ornamental Evergreen Shrubs:
• Mugo Pine
• Sea Green and Old Gold Juniper
• Boxwood
• Arborvitae
• Rhododendron

Ornamental Deciduous Shrubs:
• Lilac
• Vibernum
• Roses
• Potentilla
• Spirea
• Honeysuckle
• Dogwood
• Sumac
• Barberry
• Lydia Broom
• Azalea
• And much, much more!

Edible Fruit Bearing Trees:
• Apple
• Pear
• Cherry
• Peach
• Plum
• Prune 

• Blueberry
• Currant
• Elderberry
• Gooseberry
• Thimbleberry

• Strawberry
• Raspberry
• Blackberry
• Hops
• Rhubarb

Annuals -Every gardener appreciates the living art that annual color displays can provide. Not to mention the edible bounty and fun an herb or vegetable garden gives us.   Annual color starts to arrive as soon as march with frost hardy pansies and violas.  Soon after all varieties begin to show up in the greenhouse.  Fall  always brings your ornamental cabbages and kale that brightens in color with cooler temps.  All our annual stock comes from local suppliers, helping our agricultural economy in this region.  Seeds or starts, always seasonally appropriate, we have you covered!

Perennials -Perennials are a great way to add a variety of colors and textures to your flower garden.  Many perennials, unlike annuals, can tolerate our cold Central Oregon winters and return year after year.  Most perennials are herbaceous, meaning that they die back to the ground each winter and come up from the roots each spring.  Perennials generally do not bloom all season; rather, they have a bloom season - - spring, summer or, fall.  So, it’s best to plant a variety of perennials so that you can have something blooming throughout the growing season.

There are many things to consider when choosing plants such as size, color, bloom period, water needs, deer resistance, wildlife attraction, sun/shade, and water requirements. Bring your desired plant list to Eastside Gardens and we can guide you in the right direction.

What is our favorite perennial?  Nepeta “Walker’s Low”:  The 2007 Perennial Plant of the Year. Named after a place in England, not its growth habit, Nepeta “Walker’s Low” is a non-invasive aromatic member of the mint family.  It thrives in harsh conditions and is a rugged, easy-to-grow addition to any xeriscape.  “Walker’s Low” is one of the most dear tolerant perennials .  However, it is a magnet for butterflies, hummingbirds, and Honeybees.  “Walker’s Low” can easily reach 2 ½ to 3' tall and wide. It has attractive, crinkled blue-green foliage and deep lavender-blue flowers that bloom profusely in early summer and then sporadically throughout the growing season. If sheared back after the first flush of bloom, another significant bloom can be expected.

Pond Plants -Every summer we stock many varieties of perennial and annual aquatic plants.  The annual varieties are usually floating water lettuces or hyacinth.  They do a great job of spreading across the waters surface, filtering sunlight limiting algae growth, and protecting valuable aquatic life from predators.  The perennial varieties of aquatic plants we carry range from shallow water and bog species to feature plants such as lilies and cattails.  All our perennials can be planted directly onto your bottom media to spread in future years, or left in submersible pots for easy movement and maintenance.    Our selection is constantly changing and seasonal so come on in and see our current availability!