OUR PLANT PLEDGE:With long harsh winters, extremely low annual precipitation, deer, rodents, pests and disease all providing ample competition against your trees and shrubs in Central Oregon you need all the help you can get. At Eastside Gardens our years of experience has allowed us to provide a wonderful selection of trees, shrubs and perennial bedding plants that survive in these harsh growing conditions. We also have a lot of experience with pest control/managment.

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Fall Gardening Specials: Time to add some Fall Color to your yard, come check out out wonderful supply of fall Mum, Aster violas, pansies, and Fall Decorations.It is time to plant your Fall/Winter crops.!Garlic, shallots, Onion and Cool Season Crops. It is also that time of year when we plant for Spring Color!. We have a great selection of Fall Bulbs in-stock now!                                                 Our Annual Ugly Tree Sale runs from October1- December 23. We have some great deals, come check it out soon!


 According to the  USDA zoning Central Oregon is zoned 3-7 depending on where you are located.  We can, and have had a mid summer freeze and or snow storms well into July. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!! Harvest Guard/ Frost Cloth is easy to use and very effective in protecting your vegetable and ornamental flower gardens from the ever changing Central Oregon weather.

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Garden Art: At Eastside Gardens, we know that a true garden is always a work in progress. So when looking for those fun, whimsical touches to decorate your outdoor space, turn to Eastside! We have an exceptional variety of fountains, statues, pottery,wall art and metal yard animals, etc. Yes! Our sheep have arrived!

SPECIAL EVENT STAGING:  Rental  fee: 10% of the total plant stock value must be paid in full before the rental items will be delivered. Pottery/Arbor/Yard Art- security Deposits: These fees may vary depending on the size and type. Loading, delivery, unloading and pick-up fee: $49.00 for the 1/hr and $39.00 for each additional hr. per person/ per hour,from the time the crew leaves the nursery till the time they get back to the nursery.




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Garden & Landscape Specials: If design or plant recommendations are what you seek, call or come in to meet our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff.  We can walk around the nursery and show you plants ideal for any situation. Bringing in pictures or drawings of planting areas is always recommended.  If a consult is more what you seek, we can always schedule a meeting at your house to walk around and help you design problem areas on your property.